The stainless steel submersible pump is at the leading edge of technology. It is a piece of equipment that has been designed and manufactured to meet the most severe ambient conditions: high temperatures, contaminated environments, acid or alkaline situations, and so on. This pump will respond efficiently to all your needs, both industrial and municipal.

The stainless steel horizontal or vertical pump with the non-submersible motor is equipped with a recessed vortex impulsor, permitting the passage of a high percentage of solid matter.

The high-performance vertical turbines feature top-of-the-line motor parts as well considerable manufacturing, assembly and service experience.


This is a prefabricated suppression unit. It responds faithfully to your expectations because it is specifically designed for the project for which you intend to use it. Our technical personnel will evaluate your needs and advise you on the various possibilities for best responding to your project. The Aquacade units are dynamically tested in our workshops.

The excellence of Fontaine-Bleue projects rests on twenty five years of sustained work and constant research.